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Jean aud

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PostSubject: My Application   My Application Icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 10:35 pm

Character Name: Jean Audet


Email Address tryvinski@aol.com

Class of Choice: Naval Officer

Ventrilo/Teamspeak Capable: yes

Time Zone: Pacific

Previous MMO's Played: WOW, SWG, COH, MCO

Previous Guilds and Positions Held: Revolution WOW order of the dragon warlock crafted potions, SWG Keg weaponsmith/tailor

Typical Playtimes/Weekly Availability: M-F 5-9 pm PST sat-sun most all day till the wife clubs me Smile

Goals in PotBS: Keeping french ports clear and to protect french shipping

What you expect from us: A fun group of people who want to work hard to keep the french flag flying over the carribbean

What we can expect from you: A person who is willing to be part of a team

Sorry i posted here because I got an error message (This user has used up their submission quota.) when i sent in my application !
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My Application
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