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Seaman Recruit

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PostSubject: aplication   aplication Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 1:34 pm

in game name :
le mad dog

age :

email :


Ventrillo :

+1 ( CET )

MMOs played
wow swg coh EVE - CS

Eve online 3 years in Celestial horizon - senior builder - logistics work and some general pvp

star wars galaxies - 1 year - smugler and some pvp, but the game was flawed

wow - 1 years played - never in a guild and got bored

Crafting focus :
raw materials - Hemp, ironwood, grain, maize
construction - textilemill, gold, wine

Playing time :
3 to 6 days a week between 1 - 6 hour more in the weekends

Goals :
when they see a french flag they flee in terror

sub goal : lvl 50 SOL port battles building a SOL 1.rate

Why Sphere :
me and my friens looked at what server to play on before prelaunch.. looked at what societies would be playing on different servers for france and read there homepages.. liked what you wrote and as kidd server seemed not to be the most populated server chose that one. used the first couple of weeks to get to know the game. now applying together with my friends

What do i expect :
unity, fairness.. FUN.. i guess the most important for me in any mmo is to be a part of a guild/society that treat each other well, that have a infrastructure that works and have some goals i can help with.

What can i bring :
loyalty.. genoriosity, ( bad spelling ), good spirit, and willing to work for the greater good of the society.

(yes i stole the last 3 from roy but he is my friend and will understand...... i hope)
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