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 Sphere Society Mission Statement

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Master Chief Officer of the Sphere
Master Chief Officer of the Sphere

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PostSubject: Sphere Society Mission Statement   Sphere Society Mission Statement Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 9:20 pm

Two Dubloons each?!
I think not, my good sir, you shall enjoy a most favorable discount of 10 dubloons each so long as you sail that disgusting flag, and not a penny less..

We are Sphere Society, and we have come to forge our destinies in the flames of the burning seas. Our captains hail from all trades, and they originate from all around the world.

We have one common goal: Complete Conquest of the Caribbean through economic and sheer military power, we do so in the name of France, as it is the one decent thing we can for that whore of a mother that birthed us out into this decrepit world.

The ties that bind us be simple and few, respect for your fellow society persons, respect for your countrymen, so long as they pay the correct fee's and show the correct respect, and death to all others. We harbor no love for Britain, or Spain, and a Pirate is worth one thing and one thing alone... another notch in our belts. They are the most vile creations to be spit forth from the scars of this world, and they shall be dealt with accordingly. Let it be known here and now that to harbor a pirate, to protect him, to help him in anyway is to declare us as an enemy for the rest of the time that you draw breath under the Caribbean Sun. We will not come knocking on your door with countless waves of vessels to be thrown at you as cannon fodder, we will not play taunting games with you. We are a highly trained, highly effective unit of veteran sailors one and all, and when we come there will be no cannons left to throw fodder at, nor any door to knock upon much less to hold us back... nay, when we come you will know your time in this place has ended, and ours has become. The Fates will have cut your line and you will be removed.

In plain English
We are a tight knit society of highly skilled individuals. We play PotBS for the entertainment of the game, it is not a job, and it will never be treated as a job, however we do take our time on seriously and try to play in the most efficient way possible. We are "primarily" economically focused however we are also heavily pvp/pve focused i.e. 55% (primarily) focused on economy 45% focused on combat.
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Sphere Society Mission Statement
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